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[MOL] More information on Adenoma-Carcinoma

I know that you don't know me.  But I was wondering if you could help me out. 
 I was on med.com and I noticed that were two messages from people that were 
diagnosed with adenoma-carcinoma or knew someone that had.  For some reason 
this is the only information that I have been able to find on the disease. I 
cant find anything that states a direct cause of such cancer.  A family 
friend has just been diagnosed.  The thing is though, that he was at first 
complaining of stomach pain and the doctor's were treating him for stomach 
ulcers.  For some reason he went in for a check up and they found 2 tumors in 
his colon and one in his stomach that was malignant.  And today he was 
diagnosed with this condition.  He had the tumors removed.  Could you please 
suggest a web-site that provides information for this disease.  From what I 
have been reading it seems that colon cancer is a pre-cursor.  I really don't 
know.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  I looked at some information 
from the University of Chicago and there a found a  hypothesis for 
adenoma-carcinoma.  The article stated that countries in which colon cancer 
is prevalent have a high rate of colonic adenomas.   The article also states 
that adenomas are a precursor lesion.
It still didn't find out what causes this.  The family friend works in a 
pharmaceutical factory and thinks that it is because of the chemicals that he 
has come in contact with, he has been exposed to something that has caused 
the cancer.

Thank you,

Verna D. Johnson
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