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Re: [MOL] small cell carcinoma


Your message and Lillian's before it to s-annsforde mail are so true.  So 
much about fighting cancer is conditional.  Attitude, personal response to 
treatment, timing, just to name a few of the variables.  Nothing is an 
absolute with this disease, although there are lots of heartbreaks as well as 
many bright moments leading to full recovery.  

The best thing about this forum is the exchange of information and the 
underlying encouragement we all get from each other.   The right suggestion 
at just the right time can make all the difference.

But then there are people like s-ann dealing with the heartbreak.  It's gotta 
be tough to come back from that.  S-Ann... anything you learned that might 
help anyone else survive will not bring back your father, (or mine, who died 
from liver/lung cancer).  The great thing about this forum is what you 
learned about your dad's treatment might prepare someone else to ask the 
right questions so they can make good decisions about their treatment and 
maybe just survive.  

Stick with us S-Ann... share what you know, and know what you share might 
help.  But please try to say it in a way that prepares someone to help 
themselves or their loved ones.

Your friend, Kathy Q
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