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Re: [MOL] small cell carcinoma

Dear Ann,
>From your address I hope that this is your name, if not, please excuse the 
I am sorry that your outlook is so negative, and that you have had your life 
touched by cancer.  My hubby of 74 years and a bad heart has survived, small 
cell (oat cell) carcinoma lung cancer.  He was diagnosed March 24, 1998, his 
tests and scans show no sign of any cancer that was done last month.  His 
Doctor said that they type of cancer if you hit it hard the first time and it 
goes into remission that chances of it never coming back is great, he beat 
the odds so far, and he was given 3 to 6 months if he didn't respond to Chemo 
and radiation.  He also said the best thing to help to put the patient into 
remission is for them and his or her loved ones to keep a positive attitude, 
so far we have done pretty good with a few ups and downs, this is not a fun 
journey, but sometimes the rewards are at the end of the long tunnel.  This 
forum try's to be positive and truthful, and we are all like family and we 
are here for each other.  I also believe in prayers, and sometimes God has a 
plan that we cannot change.
God bless you and yours,
Nanc ():-)

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<< Subj:     [MOL] small cell carcinoma
 Date:  10/18/1999 6:39:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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 hello having read your email
 it is only fair that i inform you of the prognosis
 as my father has recently died of this desease
 your mothers future is not 
 good treatment will not be sucessfull.
 it will only prolong her life for a short time
 her passing will be caused by either
 shortness of breath/coughing up blood/tight chest/a regular thirst
 her face will blow up like a balloon
 and shortly after her lungs will inflate to 3 times thier normal size and 
 collapse and death will follow shorty after
 i am sorry to be the bearer of this news >>
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