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Feds Told Hands-Off Donated Organs

      The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has been pushing to reduce geographical disparities in organ-donation allocation, but legislation approved by a Congressional committee last week would block federal oversight.
government issues       The House Commerce Committee approved a bill that would reauthorize the 1984 National Organ Transplant Act and release DHHS of its authority to oversee the national contractor that handles organ allocation, the United Network for Organ Sharing. The bill states that "standards for organ procurement and transplantation belongs in the private sector and is a function of the Network."
      The bill would give UNOS more independence, says bill sponsor Commerce Committee Chairman Thomas Bliley (R-Va.), adding that decisions about organ allocation are best left to the medical professionals.
      The Clinton administration has contacted the committee saying the president will veto the bill. DHHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala warns that the bill "reduces the federal oversight role of our nation's organ procurement and transplantation system." Another letter from Acting Assistant Attorney General Jon Jennings suggests the bill may even violate the Constitution.

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