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Altered Potatoes Damage Rat Tissue

      The debate over the safety of genetically modified food just got hotter after researchers found rats that ate bio-engineered potatoes suffered tissue damage.
      The report appears in the Oct. 16 issue of The Lancet. Researchers from Aberdeen, Scotland fed six rats potatoes that had been genetically altered to carry a gene that boosts the potatoes' resistance to attacks from worms and bugs. These rats were compared to another group of six rats fed regular potatoes, and to a third group fed potatoes directly spiked with lectin, the protein that makes the potato resistant.
      Ten days later, scientists found that the intestines of rats fed genetically-altered potatoes had thinned in some areas and thickened in others.
      Critics say the study is flawed because too few animals were involved, making the findings insignificant.
      Genetically modified food is intensely debated throughout Europe, where many people don't believe that bio-engineered food is safe. Some grocery stores in Europe even advertise that they carry foods free of genetic alterations. There is growing concern about bio-engineered food after researchers at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., found pollen from genetically-modified corn killed the larvae of a monarch butterfly.

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