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Dear, well you did not give your name.....  I prefer to address people by their name.  Please know that I am sorry to hear about your father; but your description was most untactful to someone who is in need of hope and help.  I personally have met people on the forum with SCLC and they are doing pretty good under the circumstances, one in particular that comes to mind is a three year survival.  It must always be remembered that many factors play a roll in any disease, that is that everyone's body is not alike, everyone does not have the same reactions to various medications.  It has long been proven that those who maintain hope and fight this dragon have a better prognosis.  I have often seen people who were told they had 6 months to live and thank God they are still with us long after any six months.  Some are right here on this forum. Welcome to our wonderful forum but kindly, the next time you wish to respond to a query could you be less offensive?
Warmly, lillian
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hello having read your email
it is only fair that i inform you of the prognosis
as my father has recently died of this desease
your mothers future is not
good treatment will not be sucessfull.
it will only prolong her life for a short time
her passing will be caused by either
shortness of breath/coughing up blood/tight chest/a regular thirst
her face will blow up like a balloon
and shortly after her lungs will inflate to 3 times thier normal size and then
collapse and death will follow shorty after
i am sorry to be the bearer of this news