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[MOL] FREE! Lifetime Internet Access...High Speed...High Quality

Net ISP Exchange  Volume 4 - Issue 8  Subscriber Count: 29,235

Don't be misled by other free ISP services.  They Simply don't deliver 
what we offer... you get what you pay for!!!

 New Web Co Lifetime ISP Service is finally here!  For more information...
 Your's FREE if you fax within the next 24 hours... read below.

Attention Members, A GREAT CHRISTMAS IDEA!!!
   >>> Learn How You Can Stop SPAM MAIL forever and 
          how you can OWN Your Own Internet Access Account <<<

This special invitation is offered on a "first come, first serve basis" only
and is only available to the first 100 new applicants before 10/31/99.

Now, you can have FREE Lifetime Quality Internet Access for consumers and Businesses with over 1700  local connections across the country and your satisfaction is ... GUARANTEED!!! 

It is not a luxury, it is a necessity!!!
To better function in today's high tech society, a major Internet Account offers you 
the following advantages, just to name a few:

 + Never receive SPAM mail again on our lifetime ISP- Your e-mail address can be unlisted!!!!
                 ( Unlisted e-mail addresses cannot be harvested by the pros )
 + Never be billed for ISP service again! (Initial Hookup and Software - small fee!)
 + T3 fiber optic connectivity to host your Internet presence, we are a Tier One provider
 + Internet & Intranet Solutions
 + Dedicated lines (56K/V90, T-1, T-3)
 + Secure Web Hosting
 + Web Programming, Custom Applications (Web Forums, Chat, Web Advertising)
 + Security, Firewall, and Tunneling
 + Global Internet University Training
 + Online Commerce and Banking
 + Custom Computer Systems, Routers, Servers, etc.
 + Lifetime Guarantee on Equipment
 + Value Added Services
 + 5 MB Personal Web Space
 + 24 hr.Toll Free Technical Support
 + Includes 5 free e-mail addresses- you can get more if needed!
 + Includes Net Nanny (Filter and Lock-out Pornography forever!)
 + Includes Net2Phone (Talk to anyone for 5 cents/min. on your regular telephone)
 + Includes Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
 + Includes Instant Messaging and Online Chat
 + Includes Hot Office Suite Evaluation program
 + Includes use of our Domain Check facility (InterNIC availability of a domain name)
 + Move and this service moves with you!
 + Install on your Laptop and have Internet Service while traveling too!
 + Accessing AOL and Webtv can be done through our service, AOL charges small fee.

It's true–We work with many online Companies like Barnes & Noble Bookstore.  They advertise on huge networks like ours for the exposure to their banners.  We use their advertising dollars to pay for your monthly access fees.  You are never assessed another fee again, NEVER!!!

If you have made the Internet a part of your life by now, it is a safe bet to say that you and your family will continue to access the Web every month and get billed monthly just like your Cable and Phone bill.  WHY pay $20 per month to someone else?  Pay yourself the $20 by taking advantage of this major Access Network.  Once connected, you will not have to see advertisements as a condition for Web access nor will you ever be charged for surfing the web again! 

Our customers save up to $24.95 monthly, which totals $299.00 every year in Online Access charges, which adds up to almost $1500.00 in 5 years.  WOW! 

Do you realize that with the money you will save with our service, you can go out and buy a new computer!!  Would you rather keep up with the rapidly changing technology and KNOW you're saving money or keep on writing that check every month to your local ISP for the "privilege" of clicking that connect button?

If the Internet has you hooked and if you "Surf the Web" now, you will be surfing forever.  This means you will also be PAYING FOREVER!  The Internet is the Future.  We all know it will become bigger and bigger, so why not take advantage of this offer today and never be hit with 
another charge again- forever!  There are no (None) hidden charges!

We offer an iron-clad, risk free money back guarantee: For seven days from the time you activate, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money in full.  You have nothing to loose and much to gain by getting connected and never worry about it again!!!

PLEASE NOTE:  We have the CD capacity to accommodate up to 100 new 
clients.  This invitation is offered on a "first come, first serve basis" only and 
will be canceled once our 100 new members have been accepted.  

If we can save you $ 1500.00 every five years, what would this service be worth to you?  We have a one time fee we must charge for hookup and for the software.  The ISP is free!  You will never be charged again!  The one time cost is normally $ 179.95  but if you will purchase on this order form, you will pay only <<<<<<$ 159.95>>>>>>and  we will promptly get you hooked up.  All S & H will be paid by us unless you want overnight delivery for an additional $ 15.00 for a total of $ 174.95.

**    DON'T WAIT TO GET STARTED... DO IT NOW!!!       
**                                                                                       here's what to do.............
**                        >>>>>>>>>> DRAG, HIGHLIGHT & PRINT FROM HERE>>>>>>>>>
**  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MAIL, FAX OR CALL IN THIS ORDER FORM <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
**    Check one of the following:
**    I am paying with Credit Card___ Check ___Money Order __, S&H is free or $ 15.00 overnight___
**    Payment using personal or business checks must be mailed or faxed and product will be shipped 
**    after check clears.  Attach your check with tape to your order then fax it.  M.O.'s must be mailed.
**    Ordering Option #1  (Credit Cards and Checks)
**    Please check one:    $159.95___   $174.95 overnight____  
**    Fax this completed Lifetime Internet Access order with Credit
**    Card information.  Sign your signature.  Fax to:    (209) 396-8240    This is the easiest way!
**    Ordering Option #2 (Credit Card orders only)
**    Place your complete information from authorization code to bottom of form (below), spelling out 
**    each letter slowly and clearly on our toll-free voice mail secure server: 1-877-883-2895
**    Ordering Option #3 (Credit Cards, Checks or M.O.)
**    Send your payment and completed order form to:
**                                                M M Projects
**     		                  PO Box 17444
**                              Salt Lake City, Utah  84117-0444 
**    Authorization Code must be used for call in ordering: LIFE- ISP-1017
**    Your Name:     __________________________________________________________
**    Your Address:  __________________________________________________________
**    City:  ________________________________  State: _______  Zip _________________
**    Your E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________
**    Your Phone: ____________________________________________________________
**    Method of payment:  [   ] Visa [   ] MasterCard [   ] American Express 
**    Credit Card#:__________  ___________  ____________  ____________
**    Exp Date: ________ / _________
**    YOUR SIGNATURE HERE:_________________________________________________
**    We cannot process your credit card payment without your signature! 
**    ++++Referral's OPTIONAL Program++++
**    Your Referral's E-mail Address: ____________________________________

**    Your Referral's E-mail Address: ____________________________________

**    Your Referral's E-mail Address: ____________________________________

**    (For each referral that becomes a member, you get another $ 20.00 credit)
               ============  FREE ISP SERVICE FOR LIFE  ============

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