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[MOL] John Lerner, Marty, Mol on Anvirzel

I have heard of a drug that improves quality of life. It is available
(or very soon) for compassionate use and is also going to be (or is) in
clinical trials It is called Anvirzel and is made by Ozelle products. It
is an acqueous extract of Nerium Oleander. It has been shown to
eliminate fatigue, pain remission and increased appetite. 

I received a fax from Dan a fellow patient and there is a lot of
information on this extract. It is being further developed by Dr. Robert
Newman, chief of Pharmology at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and other
centers in other parts of the U.S. It has been used on 100 patients in
Ireland (where Dan went). 

To participate in trials for this drug, address is:
Anvirzel trials
Glacier Oncology
75 Claremont St. STe E
Kalispell, MT 59901
I think the fax is 406-752-7614 Michael Goodman, M. D.

To obtain information and anvirzel immediately, it is only available in
Ireland through Dr. Patrick Kelly at 011-353-61-416-938. 

This is NOT an advertisement. I just happened to have been the recepient
of this information from a fellow patient. Sounds promising though and
apparently has no negative side effects. About cost, I haven't a clue. I
just got the information this week and still rereading the information
on the fax from Dan which is quite technical in parts.

If anyone phones for more info, please let me or us know how this turned
out. might save me some research. God Bless, Jeanne
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