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Hi are you doing? I am doing pretty
good. Getting ready for my big day back to work
tomorrow. I am somewhat looking forward to it. 

You asked me before about where I was moving too with
my fiancee. Well it seems to change alot. LoL I am
afraid I won't make it thru immigration to get my
permanent residency there. However, John is going to
try to call on of the doctors that do the physicals
and ask them. We may give it a shot. He has a great
job and he actually loves his job. So we may give it a
try there. One reason I didn't want to was because of
my previous diagnosis and immigration and also my
children and their dad. But their dad would probably
see them as much in Canada as he does living 15
minutes away. So, that is where this back and forth
comes from. LoL

Oh, they are building a new Cancer center in Kitchener
where my fiancee lives so I will have good care when I
go back for my check ups.



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