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Re: [MOL] Proactive Oncology Nutrition/Gastrointestinalinfo./fatigue info/Maintain Immunity/Nausa; etc.

Dear Lillian:
    I know exactly what to eat to have a healthy, low cholesterol diet under 
ordinary circumstances and to prevent cancer.  But to tell you the truth, I 
am totally confused about what foods and supplements to eat and not eat once 
you have cancer. As you know, Sloan Kettering just announced something 
confusing about cancer cells absorbing or needing vitamin C.  I interpret 
this to mean don't take vitamin C supplements while on chemo.  Also there's a 
controversy about Vitamin E and antioxidants interfering with chemo.  For my 
husband, I give him whatever he wants including meat (in the past we only ate 
fish), and even honey and sugar if he craves it.  I think the diet you posted 
is good for people seeking good health but I'm just not sure about once you 
have cancer and especially if you're on chemo.  Bess
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