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[MOL] Consider This for 30 Seconds!

 FROM A PARTICIPANT OF THIS LETTER: When I first looked at this particular e-mail I received,
 I immediately thought, here's another scam trying to take advantage of folks and get their
 hard earned dollar. But pausing a second before I deleted it, I gave it some thought. Being 
 a person of modest means, just an average soul probably much like yourself, it hit me that 
 something like this really could work. And everyone who got involved would benefit.."IF" it
 was done properly and a couple of sensible steps were taken! Some extra income would sure be welcome at my  house, How about yours? Here is a way we can all help each other get a "nest-egg" and no one will lose out "If" we "ALL" adhere strictly to the advise given in this letter.

"Baa...Humbug" you say, it can't work! Just another chain letter! WRONG,WRONG,WRONG. This is a service request, and we each work with the six we give letters to, helping them make their level successful. They in turn help their six and etc. etc. thats why the criteria is set to limit family and close friends as much as possible, they would be less likely to let you down.
thus, with only six persons to check on and perhaps have to help one or two get their letters 
out, look what you stand to gain!
A. You pick six (6) responsible and dependable people, try to keep it within your extended
   family or very close friends for the main 6. These six are responsible for your 
   guaranteed sum shown (if everyone follows through), family and close friends are 
   less likely to stop your earnings as it would stop theirs also. We work together with the
   next level to help continue the success of that next level.
B. "ASK" before you give them a copy of this document and make sure they are interested and
   understand that they are responsible for your making all the money due you, as well as 
   their own and they must pick 6 other responsible folks. The guarantee depends on each 
   person checking on their 6 to make sure they each reach 6 other people. There is NO 
   LIMIT to the number of people you send the letter to, but your main concern must be with 
   the 6 dependable persons you sent the letter to, because they are the ones that will make 
   your $111,972.00 for you.
C. Make sure you do a follow up with your 6, to see if they sent out their money and made 
   their contacts of 6 each.  Follow these steps and no one can lose! It's Great pay for
   "maybe" a couple of hours of your time and a $12.00 investment. And, Everybody Wins!
D. Remember, It is recommended that you use as many family members that are interested as 
   possible. You can send to your spouse, your sons, daughters, cousins, aunts, uncles and...
   Well, you get the picture. Its perfectly ok, because the plan here is to help families,
   but each PERSON is required to send $2.00 to each name on the list and make 6 contacts
   Let's do the math:
   You send 6 letters or emails
   You get 6x2= $12.00
   They send 36 letters or emails
   (You advance to the Second position on the list)
   You get 36x2= $72.00
   They send 216 letters or emails
   (You advance to the Third position on the list)
   You get 216x2= $432.00
   They send 1296 letters or emails
   (You advance to the Fourth position on the list)
   You get 1296x2= $2592.00
   They send 7776 letters or emails
   (You advance to the Fifth position on the list)
   You get 7776x2= $15,552.00
   They send 46656 letters or emails
   (You advance to the Last(Sixth) position on the list)
   You get 46656x2= $93312.00
   add the totals, and you see what you can collect. If one of your members is 
   short on cash, loan them $12.00 to keep things moving, you stand to gain thousands,
   besides helping a family member out a little. Most of us squander that much every week.
NOW: If you see the merits and logic of this venture and how it "IS" possible to make 
     the sum of money stated, follow these simple instructions.
1.  Take a sheet of paper, print or type: your name, 
    address, and e-mail address (if you have one), print these words: "PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR 
    MAILING LIST".  This is a must do to keep this LEGAL!!!
2.  Wrap that paper around two (2) $1.00 bills (U.S.) for each name on the list, 
    and mail that $2.00 promptly to each person on the list.
3.  After mailing out your $12.00 make six(6) copies of this letter. On those copies
    remove the BOTTOM NAME from the list, then add your name to the "TOP" of the list.
 Keep the names in their proper order, yours becoming #1, #1 becomes #2, #2 becomes #3, etc.
4.  Locate your six responsible people, pass on your letters to them by hand, email or U.S mail,
    making sure they follow these instructions faithfully.
5.  Three days later, start doing your follow ups. "You, the other people on the list, and 
    the 6 you picked are depending on you to help insure that they receive their money".
PS. If you are in doubt about the dependability of anyone you choose, DON'T give them a 
    letter! Better to find another person who will be sincere in their efforts and willingness
 to do their part in making all of us, including themselves a little better off!
 *NOTE: make sure this is readable when you copy or do your lists, take care not to make 
        any mistakes in names and addresses..........Prosper well and make lots of money!
  Remember, this is for the benefit of us all and what comes around, generally goes
   1.    Eric Lane
          2435 Reed St
          Lakewood, CO 80214   
   2.    Charles Foote
          7709 N Pecos St
          Denver, CO  80221   
   3.    Laura Sirois
         990 Eppinger
         Thornton, CO. 80229
   4.    L.S. Pollard                
         P.O.Box 2654                 
         Grand Junction, CO.    
   5.    Mr. S. Tidde
         Rt. 2 Box 807
         Lake Butler, Fla.
   6.    william Daniels
         848 Shelby st.
         Indianapolis. IN.
*** Each letter you send out (over and above the original six) has the possibility to make 
    you an extra $18,662 cash.
*** THIS IS A SERVICE AND IS 100% LEGAL!!! (refer to title 18, section 1302 & 1342
          of the U.S. Postal and Lottery Laws). This program is also legal in Canada.

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