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[MOL] My Mother

Hello All,

When it rains it pours. As you know we have been in Mexico for 7 weeks
trying toget Barb, my wife well and cancer free. Well we have taken the
right steps and are progressing.

A couple of days ago, I received a call from My Brother that our Mother
has a metastatic cancer to the liver, primary unknown. Now she is 87
years old, in poor health, but all other organs are in good order. She
cant travel to Mexico for treatment. Her primary Oncologist does not
want to provide any conventional therapy. I can't tell my wife that Mom
has cancer as this would reverse all the good that we have been
experiencing to overcome Barbs disease. I cant go to Chicago to be with
my Mom for now. But I can help my Brother in some fashion provide
information and suggestions to help her. Gary, my Brother lives in
Chicago and has been one great source of caregiver to her for many

I am asking for some advice about liver metastasis. A biopsy was not
performed so its not 100% conclusive, but there are two masses in the
liver. Oncologist feels that it is cancer. We may decide on a biopsy and
may not. But, in my opinion we want to be aggressive with treatment,
either conventional or alternative or both as long as it does not
diminish quality of life for Mom. She has many changes to make in her
life, most of all overcoming stress. I can help her in that area, even
by phone. I will be going to see her for in mid NOvember when Barb is
well and at home. She knows nothing about this as she loves my Mother

But if you dont mind, can you provide some information about liver mets
that may be useful and types of treatment, etc. I will be contacting the
NCI on Monday and will be reviewing all the information that I have at
my disposal. But I am not informed enough about liver mets, let alone
not knowing where the primary may or may not be. Will be taking her to
2nd opinion as well.

If I dont reply to your messages for a week, its only because we are
leaving back to Mexico for Barbs treatments. TWo weeks more and I have
no access to modem. But will reply next Saturday night.

Thank you for all your love and information and being there for us. We
feel blessed for your friendship and support.

God Bless All,
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