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[MOL] To Lori and Tom

Dear Lori and Tom,

Thank you so very much. Seems as though we may be at the right place at

the right time as all these treatments combined may be the "magic

bullet" that sets the conventional and alternative industry looking in

awe. It has Burton Goldberg, the guru of alternative medicine. He was

here and is very supportive of the combined form of treatments,

Hypoglycemic Therap, Auto-Immune vaccine therapy and now Hyperthermia

Therapy. Thanks for your support and wonderful reply.

God Bless YOu

marty and Barb auslander

Lori and Tom Anderson-Finwall wrote:


> Dear Martin and Barb,

> Fantastic! I am so happy thing are going well. my prayers are with you. Lori

> -----Original Message-----

> From: Martin Auslander <fitecancer@earthlink.net>

> To: mol cancer <mol-cancer@lists.meds.com>

> Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 10:14 PM

> Subject: [MOL] Barbara Auslander Update


> >Hi All,

> >

> >HOpe you remember who we are. Seems like we have been away from all of

> >you for so very long. It has been 5 weeks since we started on our

> >journey to Mexico to a rejuvenation clinic. I know many of you have been

> >following our journey and we have much to write about, but will keep it

> >as brief as I can.

> >

> >5 weeks ago, Barbara tumor marker (DNA testing of a blood test) that

> >charts progress of disease during treatments was taken at baseline or a

> >day before we went to the clinic in Mexico and that marker was 81. (0-35

> >normal). This marker is called a ca-125 tumor marker and primarily for

> >those women with gynecological disease, most concerning Ovarian cancer.

> >Many of you also know that Barb has a rare disease called carcinoma of

> >an unknown primary and not ovarian.

> >

> >After 3 weeks of treatment her marker dropped significantly to 56.

> >NOw after 2 more weeks of treatment the marker continued to fall to 47.

> >

> >In addition the neuropathy (nerve damage) in hands, arms and feet and

> >legs as a result of many (45) treatments of various chemotherapy in 4

> >years has disappeared and she has full feelings in her extremities once

> >again.

> >

> >We may also be experiencing some miracle vein openings since her

> >axillary, jugular and subclavians are clotted.

> >

> >Now for the 64 dollar question, "how long will be stay or go through

> >treatments". As long as it takes and as long as Barb can walk away

> >cancer free. May take some time, but we are very encouraged that not

> >only do we see progress in Barb, but much progress in many other

> >patients and additionally encouraged to know that there are other

> >clinics in Mexico just as successful, but with different invasive, non

> >toxic treatments.

> >

> >So, thank you for all your messages of concerns and pls excuse once

> >again the delay in my reporting since I only come home from Mexico one

> >night a week and then try to answer the messages then go back the

> >following morning. Some of you have noticed delays in my messages for

> >more than one week. Pls excuse them. But I will write.

> >

> >God Bless you All,

> >marty and Barb auslander

> >--------------------------------
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