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 have just found out the same thing about myself, I was diagnosed with T cell 
Lymphoma (HTLV1) 12 mos ago and have been treating it with Temovate a sort of 
steroid creme. I just received a positive HIV test (HTLV3) this past monday 
and have freinds of mine that are doctors that think it may not be accurate. 
I just received my first T cell count this afternnon and it is 19 !  I live a 
very streefull life and tear myslf apart over everything. I eat well and work 
out regularly. Lately I have been lathargic and not feeling myself, I 
requested the HIV test, so far a P24 and western blot have come back neg. 
HIV Docs say I have it, cancer doc isnt sure, my General practicioner seems 
like he is ignorant. I do not think that anyone has ever done any reasearch 
between the two and have been wondering about it myself and trying to gather 
I either hasve HIV, T Cell Lymphoma or BOTH.
At this point I am going to treat it as HIV cause my t cell count is so low. 
I do not have anyinformation and would appreciate any you may have.
 I can get the name of the leading HTLV3 doctor at UCSF if that will help, I 
do not have the spelling at this time but will get it

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