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[MOL] From Chris / article: Lobbying for Lives

ns.html">ABCNEWS: 20/20: Wishing on a Star</A> 
This (excerpt) was on 20/20 this week - MUST check it out! Full article at 
above address.

Lobbying for Lives     20/20   Monday, Oct. 11, 1999 
(This is an unedited, uncorrected transcript.) 

CONNIE CHUNG, ABCNEWS: If anything in Washington could be above politics, 
you’d think it might be the way Congress spends your tax dollars to battle 
diseases. Every year the government puts billions into finding cures. But how 
is that pie cut up? Is it fair? John Stossel wanted to find out who gets the 
biggest slice and why. His story starts with a woman whose life or death may 
depend on how those questions are answered.


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