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[MOL] my father has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

My father has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer but has not yet had a biopsy. I cannot seem to get a straight answer from his doctor regarding his condition or any prediction as to his likely future. I understood there was little or no hope for treating this type of cancer ( so far it looks as if it has spread to his stomach only).

He is 75 years old, has lost 30 of his 165 lbs. And is only recently begun to recover from the loss of my mother last year after 50 years of marriage. ( She was misdiagnosed for 20 years and died of hepatitis c in a miserable way. She was only diagnosed a few months before her death and was treated in a very poor way until her death).

My father himself was diagnosed as having diabetes. He subsequently had a colonoscopy which suggested he was in excellent shape. However, during his 3 hour wait for his colonoscopy he read an article on pancreatic cancer . He diagnosed himself.  He asked his GP and the internist for a catscan. They assured him he didn't need one, but he pressed them and they agreed to one - which discovered the cancer .

Unfortunately my father is living in a small community and the level of health care is not good. I want some understanding of the likelihood he will live  for a few more years. I am willing to send him anywhere for treatment
I would appreciate some frank advice so I will be prepared for what happens to him. When my mother was dying of hepatitis I was told she could live for 2-5 years and had no idea she would die so quickly. I am in torment because I did not go to her and help comfort her in her final days. I do not want this to happen again, and yet all I get from his doctors is that they don't know and don't want to give me any idea.

Can anyone offer advise??? 

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