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Hi Frank:  Glad your on board and even happier that you are doing so well.  We love good news on this line.  Side effects to certain therapies has much to do with each individuals systems and with the dosage amount.  For some if the cancer is being treated very aggressively then they could have it rough as those nasty cancer cells are being gobbled up.  In any case, your doing fabulously well and that is music to the ears.  Welcome aboard and thank you for sharing your story, I know it will help others on your path with lung cancer and please keep us posted. Warmly,
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From: Frank J Tiritilli
Sent: Thursday, October 07, 1999 4:10 PM
Subject: [MOL] carboplatin

I am taking carboplatin with taxol for lung cancer treatment. In my case i am fine for 2  days after treatment. For the next 2 days I'm tired with a reduced appetite.
After the fourth day I return to normal with no side effects. I have taken 3 treatments, spaced 3 weeks apart. My blood count and kidney function has remained normal and I feel great. The only noticable side effect is hair loss. After 3 treatments my tumor has dramatically reduced in size and I may not need more chemotherapy. I may need additional radiation treatment and possibly surgury but the signs are good for a complete cure. I would have no hesitation to using carboplatin if the doctors feel it can treat a condition. In my case the side effects to taxol and carboplatin have been minimal compared to the results..