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[MOL] How to Make True Colloid of Silver


How to Make...
True Colloid of Silver



The ELECTROCOLLOIDAL process creates an Electro-magnetic charge that produces 
extremely fine silver particles, holding the silver in suspension. This is 
called a "True Colloid of Silver". Electrical methods have been used since 
the late 1800s. The currently accepted method of electrolysis consists using 
silver electrodes and either low or high voltage electricity. The Bio/Tech 
News reports

"The best and most effective method is the electrical process since it is the 
only method which preserves the necessary homogeneity, minuteness of 
granules, purity and stability to create a true colloid."

When manufacturing Colloidal Silver through electrolysis, microscopic 
particles of silver jump off the silver electrodes into water. You can watch 
the process take place. When the water becomes electrically charged. The 
positive (+) e/electrode bubbles and becomes a milky mist of microscopic 
silver particles. The ultra fine silver dust, consisting of minute clusters 
of atoms (some groups as small as two atoms), makes the solution look milky. 
The electrical field weakens the adherent that holds atoms together, and they 
become loosely bonded or clustered. The electrical charge keeps the particles 
in constant motion, causing the particles to propel themselves through the 
solution, remaining in suspension. The electrically produced clusters are so 
profuse that organisms connect with the particles and die. If you do make 
your own formulas, place the solution in a dark place for about twelve hours, 
giving any large particles time to settle or fall out. 


The GRIND METHOD most often applied from around 1920 to 1938 used the Colloid 
Mill, Disk/China Mill, Aerodispersion Mill, and the Salt Mill. It leaves the 
particles so large that they fallout of solution and settle at the bottom of 
the container, losing their colloidal value. To remedy this problem, some 
companies add an artificial stabilizer, such as a glyco-proteins, gelatin , 
Aloe Vera gel, starch, or a chemical element like EDTA (which encloses the 
element in a chemical cage). Addition of a protein, such as gelatin, is a 
preference some people have, believing this is will extend the life of the 
colloid solution. Isnox® gelatin is used for homemade formulas by adding one 
envelope of gelatin to a gallon of water. This mixture is used to dilute your 
Colloidal Silver solution. Because it is so easy and economical to make a 
solution of Colloidal Silver, there really is no need to add the gelatin. 
Fresh is best. Additives tend to bind the silver molecule, preventing it from 
forming large clusters. This keeps the silver particles suspended in the 
solution and increases the solution's viscosity (thickness) and extends the 
life of the product. These are then listed on the label as a "natural 

The trouble with the use of stabilizers is that the beneficial effects of the 
silver tend to be lessened or blocked. Daryl Tichy, purportedly one of the 
researchers responsible for this revival in Colloidal Silver, states that, 

"Most of the commercially available (colloidal silver) products compromise 
the pure colloidal solution by the addition of a gelatin, albumin or 
synthetic polymer in an effort to bind the silver particles and retard 
settling. Colloids stabilized with either a protein or polymer will produce a 
pyrogenic (fever) reaction in the body. Colloids without these foreign 
substances have no observable pyrogenic effect."


Two other methods, now considered obsolete, were used to manufacture 
Colloidal Silver in the past. They were the wave and the liquid methods. The 
WAVE METHOD was used in 1910 using Radiant Energy and in 1921 using 
Ultrasonic waves. We are in the process of looking into Ultrasonic methods. 
The liquid method used prolonged boiling in water in 1910, Mercury Vapor 
condensed on water in 1920, and Homogenizers in 1930. Mercury vapor is very 
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