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Re: [MOL] mastectomy following lumpectomy - avoiding radiatioon

Dear friend, I'm a breast cancer survivor of five years.  Before I went in 
for the biopsy the doctor warned me that I might have to have a mastectomy 
because of the location of the tumor - under the nipple.  Luckily, they were 
able to get clean edges and performed a lumpectomy, removing about 1/3 of the 
tissue. I went through both chemo and radiation ... radiation was the most 
difficult because of the extreme tiredness and red radiation "burns" ... but 
to this day I don't regret it, and would do it all over if necessary.  Had a 
terrific surgeon, oncologist and radiation oncologist. My only problem was 
being lopsided!  Took lots of arguing and finding the right plastic surgeon 
to get my HMO to do what I call a "deconstruction" on the other breast ... 
but I must say the results were great - and my breasts are perkier than they 
were 15 years ago! LOL.  As Joicy has said, listen, research, then make up 
your mind as it best feels for you.  If you have questions, ask. There are 
lots of us out here who have been where you are.
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