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Dear Lillian,
I am very sorry to hear of this. I will keep you both
in my prayers. I hope that I can be a help to you as
you have been to me. 

Your friend,

--- Lillian <> wrote:
> It is a heavy heart in which I write to you; however
> please know that by no mean's does it mean we do not
> have much hope and faith that we will get through
> this.  We have just found out that my wonderful
> husband has prostate cancer, I wish I could say that
> it was caught at an early stage; but it is advanced.
>  He starts undergoing the various testing to see
> where it has spread these next two weeks.  They know
> the likely hood of it spreading is high.  I ask for
> your prayer's.  I will not be going off line as I
> need for me to research, and reach out will be what
> keeps me going as I support the man of my life.Your
> friend, lillian


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