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Hi John:  It's nice of you to visit us even if it is for a bit of a sad
reason.  I do believe Chuck will be fine with Lillian behind him.  I
hope you are doing well.

Your friend June A.

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> My dear heart goes out to you along with my love and
> prayers.  I just know deep in my soul that you and Chuck will get
> through this.  There are many studies presently going on throughout
> the country.  NCI, in conjunction with the Department of Defense (both
> Navy and Army), are funding a number of research projects on prostate
> cancer.  I know that MUSC is involved with one such study and you
> might consider calling their Hollings Cancer Institute.  I wish there
> was something more tangible that I could do.  Just know that you and
> Chuck are in my prayers.  Love you and God Bless.
> John
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> 	It is a heavy heart in which I write to you; however please know
> that by no mean's does it mean we do not have much hope and faith that
> we will get through this.  We have just found out that my wonderful
> husband has prostate cancer, I wish I could say that it was caught at
> an early stage; but it is advanced.  He starts undergoing the various
> testing to see where it has spread these next two weeks.  They know
> the likely hood of it spreading is high.  I ask for your prayer's.  I
> will not be going off line as I need for me to research, and reach out
> will be what keeps me going as I support the man of my life.Your
> friend, lillian
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