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[MOL] Brandi, Denise, Steve re:chemo help

Friends, something you may want to consider to help offset the side-
effects from chemo is a combination of acupuncture and Chinese 
herbs. While on chemo for breast cancer, I was one of a small 
percentage who got little relief from the wonder drugs that are 
supposed to alleviate chemo side-effects. 
Finally, in desperation I visited an acupuncturist recommended by a 
fellow cancerer, and WOW! I started it after my fourth treatment(of 
6). I had been going down-hill fast, no energy, taking a minimum of 
2 weeks to recover from each treatment. (Typically, energy level 
worsens after each round, as I'm sure you know). I was amazed when 
it not only lessed the nausea, but it took 2 days for me to bounce 
back instead of the usual 2 weeks, AND my energy level slowly *
increased* as I completed my treatment. It was a real turnaround.

My acupuncturist made no big claims, and like everything else i 
guess we all respond differently to different things. But for me, it 
was a life-saver. My drs. saw such a difference that they asked for 
the acupuncturist's name and number, to pass on to other patients.

What really got my attention was when the acupuncturist told me that 
his main goal was to rebuild my immune system, which he did. My drs. 
were again amazed by how healthy I was after treatments -- didn't 
catch colds, etc. as is typical immediately following treatments.

4-1/2 years later, I am still cancer-free, healthy, and rarely catch 
anything. Part of the trick of course is finding "a good one." Aside 
from word of mouth, your health food store can often be a way to 
find one.

Hope this helps. Please know that each of you are in my prayers -- 
may each one beat this thing!!! Love, joicy

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