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Dear Brandi,

My son, Josh, has AML, subtype M3, which is also know as APL.  His
treatment thus far has consisted of:  several months of treatment with
vesinoid (a vitamin A derivitive).  This treatment is specific to the M3
subtype.  It was fairly successful, although the side effects were
horrific for him.  It did put him into remission.  This was followed by
chemo.  He was given ARA-C (seven days) along with daunarubicin (three
days).  He was hospitalized for 31 days for the first round, three weeks
the second time.  And yes, it does take longer to rebound each time.
The doctor plans on giving him neupogen for this last round to help his
counts bounce back more quickly.

How old is your boyfriend?  Age definitely plays a role in the body's
reaction to the chemo.  Josh's doctor considers the third round to be
the insurance policy for him.  I will check a bit more into the
treatment of M2.  I'm not sure what the protocol is.  I know it's very
scary, but, I find when you have concerns it is best to ask questions
until you get an answer.

Take care, my friend.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and it
ain't a train.


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