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[MOL] AML Treatment

     Hello All,
     I am new to this list.  My boyfriend was diagnosed with AML this past 
     May.  He's doing really well and he's been in Remission since after 
     the first round of chemo.
     It's been an exhausting couple of months, especially for him, and his 
     doctor has just decided that he wants him to go through an extra round 
     of chemo to increase his odds of staying in remission.  I'm just not 
     sure if this extra round is necessary, but I'm also not sure where to 
     go for advice.  I've been doing some more research, but I'm not sure 
     where to look to find more info/statistics on patients who have more 
     than the standard amount of consolidation rounds.  
     Has anyone here experienced this, or know where I might look to find 
     more information.  I just don't want him to go through any more than 
     he really has to, the four rounds he has done so far have been hard 
     Well, I would appreciate the help.

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