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Dear Donna,

My twenty year old son was diagnosed with AML (subtype M3) in January.
He has undergone two rounds of chemo and will start his next round next
Monday.  He is doing very well at this time, his counts are great and no
leukemic cells are detected, so the doctor says this is remission. It
has certainly been a scary journey and it isn't over yet.

What chemo did you have?  Josh has had ARA-C and daunarubicin.  Also,
because of the subtype he also did a few months of vesinoid (a
derivitive of vitamin A).  The side effects were pretty terrible and he
was unable to tolerate a full dose.

It's great to speak to someone who has gone through this.  I'd love to
hear from you.  I live in Florida.  Any advice would be greatly



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