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Marian:  To meet someone on this line is to know someone!  And wait till the
day comes that you meet a real live moler.  It is truly beholden.  I have
met about 10 Molers now and I wish I could just spend my life going around
and meeting all the great people we have on our line.  Speaking of meeting,
have you sent yours and your hubbies pictures in yet for our album?  I
dooooonnnnn't think so!!!!!  I personally drink green tea, Milk Thistle,
Vit. E. and a multi vit. I also eat tofu and soy products and believe that a
well balanced diet is very important. I agree that both traditional and
complementary terapies work well, providing the doctor is aware of what is
being taken.  Some things can and do work against chemo.  Rest assure that I
appreciate advice as much as giving it.  This is how we learn.  My husbands
testing won't be done until around the 20th; so tomorrow a call to the
doctor to see if we can't move this faster.  I have connections in the
radiology dept; so that should help.  Thanks again and by the way, how is
your husband doing.  I did not mean for that to sound as an after thought,
forgive me.  I had been wanting to e-mail you and check up; but this week I
have been in a funk.  Your friend, lillian
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> Dear Lillian,
>      I'm the one who checked in for the first time last week seeking info
> from anyone with Cantron/Cancell and I did get a response from a success
> story. My hubby is the one with the brain tumor (s/p partial resection)
> not recommended to have any chemo/radiat. till tumor enlarges.  I've been
> following your supportive responses to all in the past few days, and I
> great admiration for all that you do to help others. Let me express how
> I am to hear the dreadful news about your husband.  I will keep you both
> my thoughts and prayers. .
>         I know this is no time to offer you advice, since you are great in
> helping others with advice, but will you please consider incorportating
> alternative supplements to boost his immunity right away, as  you await
> work-up in progress. I am of the medical mentality now to believe that
> allopathic and alternatives can be incorporated. Dr. Steven Hall who wrote
> the booklet on Noni Through Your Body, describes that Noni reduced the PSA
> In his words:"And ,for men with prostate cancer, when Noni was added to
> conventional treatment, the PSA, a blood marker for prostate cancer
> usually dropped. On one occasion, it dropped all the way to zero."  I had
> called him up when I was researching Noni back in June. He is a Bellevue
> Washington family practitioner (206) 523-8580 and incorporates both
> allopathic and naturopathic modalities.  The consultation did cost me $45
> 15 minutes, but I needed to hear him discuss his experiences with his
> patients.  If you need more help in sorting this out, I truly am available
> help you, since i'm still on leave of absence from work. The Noni also
> T cells. Another immunity booster would be shark liver oil with both
> squalamine and alkyglycerol. The squalamine is effective as an
> anti-angiogenesis agent, preventing new capillaries from forming to the
> tumor.  The Johns Hopkins study of Dr. Henry Brem in 1997 (neurosurgeon)
> showed that the squalamine prevented any growth of rat brain tumors. The
> alkyglycerol stimulates WBC and is a general immune stimulant.  I had
> the Shark Liver Oil book from Amazon Books off internet by Neil Solomon,
> M.D., Ph.D, Richard Passwater, Ph.D., Ingemar Joelsson, M.D., Ph.d.  The
> describes the shark liver oil helping to decrease the negative aspects of
> radiation.
>          I presume it will take a few days (maybe weeks) for the CAT
> chest xray, bone scan, GI clearance of entire gut to be completed. I
> all physical lab work, including thyroid studies have been done  Do you
> some connections where you can facilitate the work-up for the radiology
> studies?  I would recommend calling several radiology places to try to get
> the studies done, if it is not possible to get the studies in sooner at
> place. Do you have a good internist who can organize the scheduling? When
> hubby was worked up, I had him scheduled for many items, including lab,
> xray, carotid doppler studies, EEG, MRI of head, echocardiogram all done
> an 8  hour period at 4 different sites, incorporating both lunch and
>            I know you don't know me as well as the others, but please
> on me for anything. Please take care.
> Much love,
> Marian

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