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My prayer are with you and your husband Lori
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From: Lillian <>
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Date: Monday, October 04, 1999 5:21 PM
Subject: [MOL] TO ALL MOLERS !

It is a heavy heart in which I write to you; however please know that by no mean's does it mean we do not have much hope and faith that we will get through this.  We have just found out that my wonderful husband has prostate cancer, I wish I could say that it was caught at an early stage; but it is advanced.  He starts undergoing the various testing to see where it has spread these next two weeks.  They know the likely hood of it spreading is high.  I ask for your prayer's.  I will not be going off line as I need for me to research, and reach out will be what keeps me going as I support the man of my life.Your friend, lillian