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[MOL] Don and I are thanking all of you that wrote to us........

Hi my friends that responded to Dons new little Great Grand Son, and also to 
my Birthday today.  I have to get to bed now and will try to respond to all 
of you later, we have been so busy with our 7 and 13 year old Grand Daughters 
that have been staying with us a week tomorrow, their Mother and my Daughter 
Shelly with the Horse farm went to the Smokey Mountains to be married.  I 
will be leaving on a mini vacation this Sat until next Tue with my girlfriend 
to lower MI and IN and will spend time with another Girlfriend that lives in 
Niles MI.  Please don't be upset if I don't get back to you until next week, 
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
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