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[MOL] Signing off - on way to Argentina

Hi Moler angels:
I just wanted to say au revoir for a few weeks - not that anyone would
particularly notice since I've been almost silent for weeks.  Between 2
trips to IAT, a week in hospital in between - catching up at work and
trying to get ready to go to Argentina in the a.m....plus taping the
show, I have not had a min to myself let alone to keep up with my
friends on line.  Just wanted you all to know that I think of you and
you are all in my prayers...
For those of you who asked for a copy of the tape of the show that aired
Tuesday, I have ordered copies and they'll be here when I return and I
will get them mailed out -  I promise.  The show went really well
judging by the incredibly positive response there's been - Channel 2,
me, and IAT have all been swamped with calls...it's been quite
overwhelming !!  If someone can't wait till I return and wants to call
the station direct - it is Channel 2 WSB in Atlanta,  CB Hackworth,
producer   404-897-7478....They said they'd been getting many requests
for the tapes.
Take care all of you...stay well.  I'll be in touch in a few weeks
again.  love. Cori.

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