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Dear Gunther:  Thank you so much for sharing your very positive experience
with us!  Kathy in Boise

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Early of 1997 I felt increasingly weak and went for a general medical check
up in April 1997. A CatScan showed a tumor on my left kidney; an additional
US scan found blood vessel in the tumor as proof of a cancerous tumor.

The recommended treatment: surgical removal of the kidney, because kidney
cancer can't be treatet with radiation or chemotherapy.

Before I intended to consider surgery as recommended, I wanted to know my
alternatives. For that reason I searched the Internet for alternative cancer
treatments. This forum was my first contact to alternative medicine and I
found here tremendous support and information, which literally changed my

The first contact I got was Humanitarian Organization of People for Entelev
(H.O.P.E.)From Olli I got the telephone number of 4 people which had kidney
cancer, like me. 

These four people told me basically the same story. All four had undergone
surgery. All had metastases some time after their surgery. All were then
treated with chemo and radiation, but all their cancers continued to
progress, thus conventional medicine gave up. 

All four of them than found Cancel and were cured or got into remission.

One of the four persons I mentioning and I spoke to, is a lady from
Pennsylvania. She is so thankful for here cure by cancel, that she
celebrates every fall on her property a cancel picnic where cancer survivors
get together and report about their story and exchange experiences, mainly
with cancel.

These reports were so convincing to me, that I immediately started my own
cancer treatment with cancel.

In May 1997, a couple of weeks after my cancer diagnosis I traveled to
Germany and reported to an old friend of mine, an internist, about my cancer
and prescribed cancel treatment.

He declared this stuff as snake oil and recommended consulting with a
well-known kidney specialist, so I did.

This urologist conducted his own examination and came to the same conclusion
as his American counterpart: surgery as the choice of treatment.

So I finally did agree and my surgery was scheduled in Germany for the end
of May 1997.

But in the meantime I did continue to search the Internet for further
information and/or help. I found that the best-respected surgeon for kidney
cancer is Dr.Novick of the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland. He is - according to
my search results - the only surgeon whom - whenever possible - only removes
the cancerous part of the kidney and not the entire kidney.

So I contacted Dr.Novick from Germany and he accepted my case. So I canceled
the surgery in Germany.

Dr.Novick's examination confirmed exactly the previous ones. But he told me
he thought he probably could manage to save the kidney and only remove the
cancer. The surgery had been scheduled for July 17th.

When I met with Dr.Novick three days before the surgery for the final
preparations I was feeling already much better due to my cancel treatment,
so we discussed a cancellation of that surgery as well. 

Dr.Novick's response was very candid, he said, for the surgery be successful
the patient must be convinced this is the best treatment and willing to
cooperate. But of these I was not convinced anymore. 

I found Dr.Novick's attitude and decision very responsible and remarkable.

The next CatScan in December '97 showed - according to Dr.Novick - no change
and we decided to take a wait and see approach.

All the time I took Cancel very faithful every 6 hours. Toni Bell has been
of great help for me, not only with the supply of Cancel, but with a lot of
advice and information. What I learned about Cancel from Toni was matching
my own experience and made me feel better, in particular during times of
anxiety and fatigue, this does happen.

The next CatScan should have been taken mid summer 1998, but I felt so good
and normal by this time, that I didn't care. But for safety sake I wonted to
know whether my kidney cancer was gone or not. So I went for a CatScan in
October 1998. I received a letter from Dr.Novick in which he expressed his
congratulation for the result, saying: no change, no reason for a surgery

I was relieved, but the answer was not satisfying to me, because I didn't
know whether I still had the cancer - perhaps dormant - or not.

In August 1999 I got a strange and very rare skin disease that has been
diagnosed as "Sweet's Syndrome". In order to find possible connections to
other, existing health problems, the hospital where I was conducted a
thorough examination, in particular in regards to my reported kidney cancer.

An extensive US Scan has been made. The radiologist discussed afterwards her
findings with me. She declared that they couldn't find any tumor or cancer.
But she said that they found at my left kidney scarf tissue, probably at the
areas where the cancer had been.

This final result gives me great relief and the medical confirmation that
Cancel has cured my cancer.

I would be happy to share my experience and my documented data with others,
interested in order help cancer people in need.

Final remarks:

Without the Internet - and in particular the CompuServe Natmed Forum - I
certainly would have today one kidney less and a lot more problems.

Without the determination to take my own health matters in my own hand, in
particular the responsibility for it, I wouldn't have found and taken Cancel
that cured my cancer.

My special thanks and appreciation goes to Dr.Toni Bell, I admire Toni. He
invests his own money and time to promote Cancel for the benefit of other.
In my case, Toni has been a great contribution to my cancer cure. Thank you

Gunther Weber, Ohio, September 21, 1999

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