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I planned on contacting the station anyway for a copy for us, will get one
for you too if they will make copies.  I'll let you know.
What follows is an update on us that I sent to her last night after the
More tomorrow.

Hello Cori!!!
I just saw you on TV (News Channel 2 - The Last Resort), and am THRILLED
you're doing so well!!!  Congratulations on your success story! You look &
sound great!!
I'm sorry I haven't corresponded lately, just couldn't keep up with it all.
I haven't been on MOL in about 3months, so I've no idea what's been going
on.  We haven't been doing so well with Pop's cancering journey.  His "care"
at Emory has been so much less than satisfactory that we've actually 'fired'
that Dr. Fanucci who was also on the special.  He only treats the cancer,
not the patient...Never the patient.  He shouldn't even be in contact with
the patients -  just send him off to his lab to do his research & the world
will be a better place.  Not once has anyone there taken the time to let us
know where Pop stands in the whole process.  How he's actually doing in
terms of say,,, showing him an xray or CT scan, explaining whether the chemo
is helping or not or even making a difference, or just making him miserable!
They just tell him what to do, when to do it & that he'll be on Chemo the
rest of his life.  He told them what they could do with their chemo after
his last treatment 3 wks. ago.  We have an appt. with another (well
recommended) Onc. at Kennestone in about 2 wks.
Unfortunately on Monday, on his way to get the results of his final CT scan
there, he became very debilitated & my husband had to virtually carry him to
his car.  Davis took his dad straight to the Emory E.R. (Fanucci doesn't see
sick patients- only does cancer treatments)  where they discovered his blood
oxygen saturation level to be 74.  I guess 60 is fatal, 99 normal.  They got
him stabilized & admitted him.  He has pneumonia, and is not doing too well.
A new Onc. was assigned to Pop's case as Davis made it crystal clear they
wanted nothing to do w/ Fanucci.  Apparently this new Doc was a far cry
better than any we've experienced and took over 30 minutes to explain the x
rays they took and the condition of Pop's lungs.  Tomorrow at 9am we're both
going down to meet with this Dr. while he reveals the latest prognosis.  At
least he supports the decision to boot the Chemo.  Pop's almost toxic
anyway, so there couldn't be too many more treatments anyway...He just feels
that under the circumstances, should he not continue chemo, he will have
only a couple of months at best.  But maybe still, they will be better
  I do so admire your passion to find a better way!  I don't know why, but
we can't seem to get Davis' dad to make a concerted, honest effort to TRY to
get himself better.  He won't drink water, won't eat veggies, & heaven
forbid they be fresh! He just wants it to be dropped in his lap!  No effort
involved!  The best things in life, even and including life itself, just
don't come that way!!
I am so proud of you Cori!  You hang in there & keep up the good care of
Much love,
Laurie Poole

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