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[MOL] Kicked off

Dear all,
Haven't been checking my e mail the past two or three days and today I
realized that once again I have been kicked off. Does anyone know why
this happens and if there is a way to prevent it?

Life is stuck on fast. Still looking for a job, still working part time.
We are planning a vacation to LA. for Thanksgiving. Were going to go to
Vegas but changed our minds at the last minute. We all need this
vacation. Robby is going to Canada over Columbus day weekend which is
Canadian Thanksgiving to spend time with my cousin and his son. He
should be fine on the plane as he has flown to Michigan by himself.
Customs and immigration may be another story.

We just got home from our last back to school night at the elementary
school. My sons are growing up so fast. Really want to freeze them!!LOL.
Well here's hoping that everyone is well,
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