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[MOL] Something to ponder on......

The World's Most Communicative Disease

        There is a funny story in circulation about an optimistic
farmer who couldn't wait to greet each new day with a resounding,
"Good morning, God!" He lived near a woman whose morning greeting
was more like, "Good God... morning?" They were each a trial to
the other. Where he saw opportunity, she saw problems. Where he
was satisfied, she was discontented.

        One bright morning he exclaimed, "Look at the beautiful
sky! Did you see that glorious sunrise?"

        "Yeah," she countered. "It'll probably get so hot the
crops will scorch!"

        During an afternoon shower, he commented, "Isn't this
wonderful? Mother Nature is giving the corn a drink today!"

        "And if it doesn't stop before too long," came the sour
reply, "we'll wish we'd taken out flood insurance on the crops!"

        Convinced that he could instill some awe and wonder in
her hardened attitude, he bought a remarkable dog. Not just any
mutt, but the most expensive, highly-trained and gifted dog he
could find. The animal was exquisite! It could perform remarkable
and impossible feats which, the farmer thought,  would surely
amaze even his neighbor. So he invited her to watch his dog

        "Fetch!" he commanded, as he tossed a stick out into a
lake, where it bobbed up and down in the rippling water. The dog
bounded after the stick, walked ON the water, and retrieved it.

        "What do you think of that?" he asked, smiling.

        "Hmmm," she frowned. "Can't swim, can he?"

        Sometimes I think that negative thoughts are the world's
most communicative diseases. More catching than any known virus,
and just as deadly. But an attitude of awe and wonder can be just
as contagious!

        Which will you be spreading today?