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[MOL] Wm Penn on friendshjp

    "...A true Friend unbosoms freely, advices justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends couragiously, and continues a Friend unchangeably...These being Qualities of a Friend, we are to find them before we chuse one...The Covetous, the Angry, the Proud, the Jealous, the Talkative, cannot but make ill Friends, as well as False...In short, chuse a Friend as thou dost a Wife, till Death separate you...Yet be not a Friend beyond the Altar: But let Virtue bound thy Friendship: Else it is not Friendship, but an Evil Confederacy...If my Brother or Kinsman will be my Friend, I ought to prefer him before a Stranger, or I shew little Duty or Nature to my Parents...And as we ought to prefer our Kindred i Point of Affection, so too in Point of Charity, if equally needing and deserving..."
(William Penn, Some Fruits Of Solitude, p.g. 23-24, ed F.U.P.).