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[MOL] calling all moms! Hints needed!

Good morning,
Well I spend yesterday evening learning about hmoung families. I had noodles with Cha and the kids. Tom and I gave Cha a large dresser for the children to put thier clothes in. I discovered that the children to not know how to put thier clothes in a dresser. they also do not have any hangers. They put thier clothes in a laundry basket in the bedroom clothes. so in the next few day and probably week I will be helping Cha and the children learn to take care of thier clothes. As Cha says Maybe you teach the children then I will learn to!
Sunday night Kachee the 3-4 year old cried all night She had an ear ash. I am going to go shopping with Cha on Friday to help her understand American medicine and other things. She does not know what baby aspirin is or a hot water bottle. Kou or coo the oldest lost and eardrum to ear infections when he was a baby in Laos. Mykea also has trouble hearing. I talked with Cha about taking the children to the doctor to prevent this from happening. If any of you mom out thier have any hints about ears and cold and stuff I would love to here them.
I also plan to help the children with thier homework after school. Cha does not have the English skills need to assist them. Cha And I also discussed having the children help clean the house and setting up an allowance system for them. Cha says they will not do any thing for a quarter they want 1.00. I told her stop buying them candy and they will work for quarters. She grinned at this.
Kuo or coo the oldest is going to be selling candy bars for his school I said I would take them around the neighborhood and help them. Tom will also get stuck taking them to work he does not know this yet. The children say they like tom and I better thier their parents I told them they would not I would make them clean thier room and to home work with out the TV on. in additions to not letting them have so much candy.
Mykea the oldest girl refused to take kachee to the bathroom. so kachee peed on the entryway steps. ( she is 3 or 4 Years old) Older sisters can be such a pain.
I think I will have Cha teach me Hmoung not the kids.Then I will learn the right words.
I have to admit when I have sent time with the family I find myself talking in very short sentences. People look at me funny.
 I have sent for my dad medical records this week.