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[MOL] FREE Top-Rated Y2K TEST for your PC... Has your PC been tested?

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Dear PC owners,

If you would like a FREE Y2K TEST to analyze your PC for Y2K readiness, return this e-mail with FREE TEST in the subject line.  If you would like to learn more about our Top Rated Software keep reading.

Independent studies report that Y2K will affect over 95% of PCs in America. Is Your  Computer ready for the Year 2000? If you're like most computer owners, your answer is "I don't know". Letís face it, we have to know. We can't afford for our PCs to have problems associated with Y2K.

AOL knows, the U.S. Government knows and most major corporations know.  Last month AOL purchased 50,000 copies of our #1 Ranked software. The U.S. Government as well as major corporations have chosen us for their Y2K remediation programs. Now we are offering to you for FREE the same Top Rated Software to test your PCs for Y2K compliance.

Our Y2K software is the only product that will not only test your PC for hardware and software compliance, it will REPAIR both your HARDWARE and SOFTWARE to be Year 2000 Compliant. It comes with a 100% guarantee.

This is a no obligation offer to receive a FREE Copy of the #1 rated Y2K software on the market. Send for your FREE Y2K TEST by replying to this e-mail with FREE TEST in the subject line or click on the appropriate link below.  We will send you to our Y2K software site where you can download your FREE Y2K test, or if you prefer, we can e-mail you the Free Test or even send you a FREE copy by regular postal mail. If you would rather have either of those options, please indicate that in your reply. 

Free Y2K Test click here:

Free Y2K Test via e-mail :
<A HREF="mailto:y2ktest@bangkok.com?subject=FREE_TEST_via_email">mailto:y2ktest@bangkok.com?subject=FREE_TEST_via_email</A>

Free Y2K Test via Postal Service: 

Thank you very much for your time. Be sure and take advantage of this FREE opportunity to test your PC with the same software used currently on millions of computers worldwide. Please feel free to contact me on any other Y2K issues you may have. We are here to help.


Jennifer Rice
IntelliSoft Corp.
(877) 834-5711

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