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Re: [MOL] Lil/Dee

Dee:  Just got off of research for an 8 year old child near where I live,
his dad works with my son and I was so horrified with what I found out about
this child's cancer that I have been crying.  There is no way I can give
this information to the parents.  I don't know what to do, I don't believe
in false hope, yet I don't believe in taking away hope; as only god really
knows.  I must pray very hard on this one.

I just read your e-mail to our gil and it was so beautiful, so helpful to
her I am sure.  I believe that one must go through the grief in order to
really be able to relate and help someone else through it.  Joicy's was
beautiful; but your's was from the heart and so real, I know gil will be
writing you on this.  thank you so much in your pain that you could reach
out to another, it show's the inner strength and beauty you have, your
generosity in thinking of other's as you carry your own pain.  i know that
god will reward you with this and i know that your dad had a gleam in his
eye, a smile on his face and said "that's my kid" very proudly.  love you,

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