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[MOL] Gill/Dee

Dear Gill,

I want you to know that Joicy is right - time will
make your pain a memory and your
memories of Carole oh so dear... You will see her
again - talk to her and she will
hear you - ask for strength to get you and your
family through this time of grieving
and she will be there; you will feel her

When my dear sweet dad passed away in July I was
not sure how I would be able to
handle the funeral and the heartache that I was
feeling...  I just kept talking to Dad
and telling him that this was for him and that I
would help him finish his journey here
on earth... I felt a peace come over me although,
of course, at times, my heart was
overflowing with the pain of losing him... I was
able to keep it together and do what
had to be done...

The minister that gave the service for my dad said
one thing that will stick with me
forever - I cannot lose my dad if I know where he
is!!!! This gave me comfort and
something to hang on to...

Please know, Gill, that I am here for you along
with all of your Mol Angels - feel
our strength and support and love for you and your
family - you do not walk this
road alone - ever! Remember, grieving is a part of
healing so don't cheat yourself out
of this time to feel what you are feeling - it
will never come again

Love, Hugs, Kisses, and Prayers

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