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Re: [MOL] Gill Dear Heart!

Gill, I just got home and read Joicy's message to you, it was so beautiful
and so so true that I joined right in with you and cried.  I have always
said it is perfectly all right to cry, that tear's in the end give us the
strength to move forward.  Please, don't be hard on yourself, give yourself
time to heal from this wound.  I wish I had the ability of many of our
Molers to write so eloquently; but I don't and I think this is the beauty of
our forum.  Each of us has something to give, all in different ways and
collectively make a heck of a great team.  I can't even tell you the year my
mother died; but it has been many and I still talk to her and even have some
very good laughs.  She was the type who was so wise and always right, not
the "I told you so right"; just a very right person and I was always trying
to slip around her.  Do you think it worked?  Never once; so sometimes, when
I pull a goody, I simply say "ok I know your right" and laugh and I know
that she laughs with me.
Then, there are times that I feel like the world is caving in around me and
I actualy whine and cry to her "Mommy help me!"  I can feel her presence.
So you see Gill, it is okay to still talk with your sister, you just can't
see her; but she's there for you.  Never, hold back, we are here for you,
this is what we do best, you are not alone when you have us Gill.  I bet if
all these hang tough acting Molers, including me, were to admit it, we would
say that the day we receieved the new's of your sister that our hearts ached
and a good many of us cried behind the computer screen.  We had to in order
to gather the strength to help you through all of this.  My love, lillian

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