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Re: [MOL] Gill Dear Heart!

Hi Lillian

I'm not doing too well at the moment, tears everywhere especially all over 
this keyboard.  I just can't get over the fact that I won't see my lovely 
Carole again, the suddeness and the waste of it all, all the things we had 
planned.  I'm sitting here surrounded by pictures of us together on our 
holidays in June and just can't believe she has gone.  I'm feeling guilty 
because she was in the hospital and wanted to come home, I crying for the 
fact that she didn't get to say the things she would have wanted to her son 
and husband but I guess I'm really crying for myself I just so want her back. 
 We've just been going over the final arrangements for her funeral today and 
I guess it has really hit me.  Thanks for caring Lillian I so need you right 
Love Gill x
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