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[MOL] Sad Statistics

Good morning, Everyone:  I think I mentioned a long time ago that one of my
"jobs" at work is to check the obituaries every morning.  Our law firm does
a lot of estate planning and, therefore, has written many wills over the
past thirty years, so we never know if one of our past clients has passed
away.  This way I can check and notify the family that we have the will in
our possession.  This is also a sneaky way of obtaining more probate work,
but isn't quite as blatant as ambulance chasing.  Today there were six
actual obituaries -- many more death notices.  Of the six obituaries, five
were cancer deaths.  There are many theories, but it looks to me as if it
has reached epidemic proportions!  I'm sure I'm not the only one to have
noticed this; in fact, we've talked about it before.  Is it the "yellow
jeep" theory?  I don't think so.  I think this is very real.  It bothered me
especially this morning, because one of the decedents was a 58 year old
fellow I used to date a long time ago -- very nice guy.  There are simply
too many of us these days!  Enough of that.  I want everyone to have a good
day and not be brought down by my musings.  Love, Kathy  

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