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Re: [MOL] Deb and Liz

Hi Joicy,
I am surprised your onc allowed you to go off tamoxifen even for a 
month. The doctors seem pretty sold on it's beneficial effects. I 
believe bloating is the problem. I think that is why quitting the 
diet pop helped stabilize the weight gain. Diet pop has a high sodium 
level, and sodium tends to aggravate the bloating.

>It isn't your imaginations about weight gain and tamoxifen, I am sad to
> you Deb, I always stayed around the same weight, eat wisely,
>and stay pretty active, but I definitely put on a lot of weight with
>this drug -- probably 20-25#. I have also had some other annoying side
>effects, so when I saw my onc for my 4-mo. check-up last week, I asked
>if i couldn't just go off this darn drug (I have just one year left). He
>is very adamant that for my situation I need to stay on it, but did
>compromise and said I could take a month "off," then resume for 11 mos.
>and be done.
>Now, whether it is coincidence or not, I have definitely dropped
>probably 5 # since then, but more dramatically, dropped inches -- I mean
>ALREADY clothes I wore just the week before are baggy, and even some
>shoes I purchased since being on tamoxifen are now too big and won't
>stay on my feet! Which reminds me of the "bloating" side effect -- our
>problem is not just pounds, but expansion, and I suspect that is the
>real reason for my quick change in size. And I am not sure what can be
>done about that either -- exercize won't change that. I am encouraged,
>however, because it appears that once we do finish, the weight and
>bloating are not necessarily permanent. And I guess a few years for
>protection is a small sacrifice if it prevents a reocurrence...
>I'm not sure any of this is helpful, but at least you know it isn't your
>imagination.  I guess we just have to bear with it, stay as fit as we
>can, and know it's not forever. But it's going to be very hard for me,
>going back on in a month! Love, Joicy
>Yeah, Deb, Wegman's is quite the store -- in fact my husband is over
>there as i write this. As a food service guy, he is drawn to it like a
>moth to a flame, LOL!
>Liz, glad you're home safe, and that you and Kathy had such fun!
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