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RE: [MOL] Hi!!

Hi Kathy,
And a good morning to you, too. It seems we have a lot in common. I 
can't bring myself to eat tofu. I think it is the texture. Water is 
the best drink there is and I drink lots of it.

Our weather certainly did cool down. We haven't neared frost yet, but 
it rained very hard yesterday and the forecast is for highs of 69 to 
70 for the next three days. By Friday the highs are supposed to rise 
to the 80's again. We had a lot of wind too, and it appears to be a 
little windy today as well. After following Hurricane Dennis, 
however, I feel very lucky that our weather is so mild.

>Good morning Ladies:  I am a mall hater, too!  And I feel the same way about
>tofu that you do, Debby.  It's so yukky looking.  Since I got a refrigerator
>that has the ice, water, etc. in the door, I drink lots and lots of water.
>Makes for a very interesting night sometimes -- umpteen trips to the
>bathroom.  Wakes Button up and she gets very irritated.  When I was on
>chemo, I drank a lot of 7up for awhile, but it made my blood sugar go up.
>The doctor recommended diet 7up, but I hate diet soda, so I switched to
>water.  Liz, is it cold enough for you?  We nearly had frost this morning --
>could see our breath when we went outside.  The wind last night blew trees
>down, power lines, and started numerous fires.  Gusts got up to 60 mph --
>not Hurricane Dennis, but nasty enough.  Phone ringing -- need to go.  Love,
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