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Re: [MOL] Hi!!

Hi Deb,
This sounds like fun for the kids. We don't have anything like that 
here. Of course Yakima is a fairly small city (100,000 in the 
metropolitan area). Sitting down and reading a good book sounds like 
a good idea.

I have to get myself moving and get some of the nectarines I bought 
day before yesterday dried. Dried nectarines are great, but you can't 
buy them. I always dry peaches too.

Today I have to get out of the house and walk. At least the weather 
has cooled down. It is only supposed to be about 70 degrees today.

>Dear Liz,
>Great Adventure is an amusement park here in New Jersey. We get season
>tickets which run from April thru October. The way it works is my sons
>and their friends walk ten paces in front of me and follow then around!!
>Today I am taking a book and parking my self on a bench. They will have
>time check ins with me. I am tired today as I too tackled the laundry
>yesterday. Went into the basement and went through buckets of clothes,
>saw what fit who and then washed it. The dirt in my house will continue
>to collect until they go to school next Tuesday. I can't win with it.
>I too cook everything from scratch and love it. My kids have never had
>store bought cookies in this house. After my dx I baked and cooked up a
>storm, froze it all and still have some tomato sauce left yet!! The
>healthy choice meals are not bad in taste and they are great way to get
>started. I am about to go have my morning coffee, pills, and one slice
>of toast with jam. How exciting. Now my problem will begin at 9:00 when
>the boys come down for chocolate chip pancakes......UM.
>Well here's to day one!!
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