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Re: [MOL] Hi!!

I have the same problem about mall walking. I work most of the time, 
too. Besides I hate going to the mall.
>Dear Lillian,
>The only way you would get me to eat/drink tofu is if you didn't tell me
>what it was. As I only drink water it would be hard to get me to have a
>Yes, you can have all the soda, diet, that you want. All they are
>concerned about is the sugar and anything that will turn into sugar. If
>you drink 64 ounces of water a day, everyday, you will get rid of your
>excess water.
>I assume that you are following your diet and not cheating? Are you
>weighting everything? If you are you should continue to shed weight at a
>steady rate. When I was pregnant with my second son I only gained 19
>pounds and he was seven of them.
>Mall walkers are great, but they tend to be retired people. Meaning that
>they walk before the mall opens, when I have to go to work.
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