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[MOL] ALERT!/Mols/Dee-important

Hi Lil and all Mols;

I just read Lil's email about how insercure this
median is - I definitely agree with her!
I would also like you all to know what happened to
me just this past weekend - it
is more food for thought :(

I signed my daughter up with Compuserve in her
dorm at school - no problem - all
signed up and running beautifully....

She forwards me a message that there is a problem
with billing on this account and that
they need the correct billing info once again -
otherwise the account will be cancelled...
They wanted all info including my credit card #

I was going to send it again as I didn't want my
daughter to be without access to the
internet for homework... but then I decided to
just call Compuserve and give it to
them personally .... Thank goodness that I did -
The customer service rep. told me
that was a fraudulent request and that if there
was ever a problem with this internet
account that we would not be able to log on - they
would never request this info
again over the internet... They gave me an email
address to forward that page to
for further investigation into this -

So be CAREFUL - use your gut instinct... at all
times ... crude statement ... I should
say listen to the guardian angel on your shoulder

Have a nice day one and all - we survived
Hurricane Dennis along with dear Lil -
some clean up work to do but nothing major - much
better than Fran or Bertha :(

Byeeee for now,
Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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