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Dear Friends:  I am blessed to be in the midst of such wonderful friendly and open people; however as I go through our daily e-mails the question of our privacy often comes to mind.  Some of us make i far to easy for those who lurk who do not have good intentions and yes even our wonderful forum has this type of lurker.  There is no way to shield us from this.  There are all kind of lurkers, those who want your e-mail address to sell you something, those that want it to sell it for a profit, and on and on.  I will give you some examples on how we leave ourselves valunable for something to happen and the potential is not good.
If in the course of a short time, we have not only given our names; but our e-mail addresses.  And some of us have given our phone numbers.  Others the State in which we live and others their address, their phone numbers and when they will not be home.  Ah, great news for a burglar!  These are but a few of the things we very easily volunteer over the line.  Now, even if the forum had no dubious lurkers, then our browsers are a good source to aid and abet the unscrublious.  Every site we go to on the internet attaches a cookie to your site, this cookie keeps track of where you go over the internet.  If you need instructions on how to get rid of your cookies, I will be more than happy to help you in anyway.  A good suggestion is to make sure you clean up your computer daily, that is remove your History files, remove your cookies and so forth.  This will not insure you safety and privacy; but it sure will help.
Ah, now think about this.  You know all those great things we send to tons of people?  Jokes; etc.  When we go to open them we find a long list of e-mail addresses that are sent all over the place, infect some land all over the world.  I am not able to find who you are with just an e-mail address; but I have a daughter who is a whiz and she can.   I can find you with-in one hour if you give me your e-mail address and a name.  Now that's pretty darn good considering I am definitely at the bottom of the heap when it comes to computers.  I am more noted for crashing a computer; however I have improved on this reputation.
Now, here's more food for thought.  People who are on chat lines, bulletin boards or forums, messages are kept, not only by the local server; but by the various providers of these chat lines, bulletin board or forums.  It is not the intent of the company to do harm; but many of the messages are put into archive for any to read.  Many will be placed in on the internet search boxes.  When I am searching (which I just discovered leaves me most valunable) I have come across many Molers messages and I wish they were the information messages only.  No friends, some of you would blush and I would be right there with you blushing at my own.
It is not my intent to scare you; but I do caution you to be careful.  Below is an alert I just received and advise you to read what it is telling us to do.  CAUTION, CAUTION and more CAUTION DEAR FRIENDS.   lillian

     Over the weekend a flaw in Hotmail left millions at
     risk, their private email vulnerable to anyone with
     a browser. Yikes! And that's just the start. In the
     past week, four other serious privacy violations
     have surfaced. Come to the site to learn why we are
     much more at risk than we ever realized.