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Hi, Fay, where abouts do you live? I grew up on the Central Coast of
California - Monterey, PG, Salinas family is out there still,
and though I am living in Princeton, that's "home." One of the things i
dearly loved growing up was all the wild life. Also the incredible smell
of the sage and brush on a sunny summer's day -- always wished i could
bottle it! Have a beautiful day...Joicy

Praguil@AOL.COM wrote:
> Hello Mam.....we haven't met yet. My name is Fay and I just wanted to remind
> you to keep your "Roo Guard" in good condition and you should be good to go
> on your evening rides to work. I live on the Central Coast of California in a
> rural area. We have deer, coyotes, mountain lions, bob cats, and Tule Elk
> around here. Wish the county would let us have Roo Guards on our vehicles
> here, but they're illegal. We just have to pray we don't hit any of the
> wildlife as we go 65 miles per hour up and around these hills.  Fay
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