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Re: [MOL] Hi!!

Hi Lill,
That is what I need, a commitment to someone else that requires me to 
walk. I tend to carry out my commitments to others.

Does your diabetic diet allow caffeine, too?

I don't know if I could deal with the tofu thing. I think it is the 
texture I have trouble with.

>We used to have a walking group connected with the mall, and each time you
>went and walked the whole mall, you would get a card stamped and after so
>many points you could buy something.  It was a huge success.
>Now you two ladies, are you ready for this one?  On my diabetes food and
>drinks I can have all the diet soda I want.  Golllllllyyyyyyy, can we ever
>win?  I used to be hooked on soda; but no more, history.
>I would think what you are doing is great Deb, after all exercise, healthy
>eating;etc. is good for cancer folks.  Will we be having tofu?  LOL!  I
>promise you would not know a strawberry tofu shake from the real thing....
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