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Re: [MOL] Hi!!

Dear Deb,
The pop is gone. Of course I drank diet stuff so there were not 
calories, but I am not sure the carbonation and the nutra-sweet is 
very good for you either.

I like to walk when it is snowing but I hate it when the snow is 
melting and it is sloppy underfoot. It poured rain today and I didn't 
get out and walk in it. I did, however spend the day on my feet, 
cleaning house. My house had gotten out of control and I had to do 
something about it.

I have Billy Joel albums but I'm afraid I don't have any Kiss albums. 
Belly dancing sounds good. I think the secret is movement and 
stretching the muscles.

I never had a weight problem when I practically lived on fruit. I 
don't use much prepared food. I really prefer to cook from scratch. 
Correction, I prefer to eat things that have been cooked from 
scratch. I hate to cook.

I would love to lose 15 pounds; of course I need to lose more than 
that but 15 pounds by October would be good.

What is Great Adventure?
>Will check in with you tomorrow after I get down walking three miles at
>Great Adventure.
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